Clock Repair & Cleaning in Sheboygan WI

If you have an antique or out-of-production clock in your home that doesn’t appear to be keeping time quite as accurately as it used to, Gruhr Ltd. can lend a hand with it. For almost 25 years, we’ve been providing Sheboygan, WI clock repair and clock cleaning services for our customers. We’re capable of working on about any clock you want, including Atmos clocks, and can set you up with the skilled workmanship you need to bring your clock back to life.

Clock Restoration & Refinishing in Sheboygan WI

Has one of the antique or out-of-production clocks you have in your home seen better days? The Sheboygan, WI clock repair and clocking cleaning services from Gruhr Ltd. might be enough to make it look new again. If that doesn’t do the trick, we can extend clock restoration and clock refinishing services to you. Whether you need to have a minor antique clock restoration performed or a complete grandfather clock restoration, we’ll deliver the services you need at a price you can afford while treating your clock with the love and care it deserves.

Antique Grandfather & Wall Clock Repairs in Sheboygan WI

Since 1986, Gruhr Ltd. has been helping people restore antique and out-of-production clocks. We’ve also worked on our fair share of grandfather clocks. When you turn to us for our Sheboygan, WI clock repair services, we’ll diagnose the issue with your clock and provide you with an honest repair quote to let you know how much it’ll cost to fix it. Once we start carrying out wall clock repair service or antique grandfather clock repair, we’ll also stay in touch with you so you’re aware of what’s happening throughout the process.

Would you like to have Sheboygan, WI clock cleaning done on an out-of-production clock you have hanging up in your home? Or do you need to have grandfather clock restoration completed on a clock that’s been in your family for decades? Call Gruhr Ltd. at 262-375-3171 for more information on our clock repair, restoration, and refinishing services.