Professional Clock Repairs

image of clock gears being worked on by clock repair specialistWhen your clock is running slow, or just needs some sprucing up, contact Gruhr Ltd Clock Restoration & Repair to give you a FREE estimate on your clock repair. Since 1986, they have been able to get your clock back up to par. We offer 1 year guarantee for our services.

Expert repair for a reasonable price

At Gruhr Ltd Clock Restoration & Repair we take the time necessary to get your clock back in working condition with lasting results. After repair work is done, your clock will be set up and left running for one week to make sure everything is working.

Repairs for all conditions:

  • Complete dismantling
  • Cleaning
  • Bearings replacement
  • Part replacement
  • Reassembly

Is your clock too large to move?

If you are in need of repairs for your large Grandfather clock, don’t hesitate to call Gruhr Ltd Clock Restoration & Repair. They can pick up and deliver your repair and even do simpler in-home repairs.