Clock Repair & Cleaning in Milwaukee WI

Over time, it’s not all that uncommon for antique and out-of-production clocks to stop working the way they used to. Clocks must be cleaned, repaired, and otherwise maintained to keep them in tip-top shape. Gruhr Ltd. can help you keep the clocks in your home working properly by providing you with Milwaukee, WI clock repair and clock cleaning services. We’ve been setting our customers up with these services for almost 25 years and can work on almost any clock, including Atmos clocks, and inject some much-needed life back into it.

Clock Restoration & Refinishing in Milwaukee WI

If you’ve had a clock hanging up on your wall for decades now or, worse, if you’ve had a clock sitting in a garage, a basement, or another storage space for a long time, it probably doesn’t look as beautiful as it once did. Gruhr Ltd. can change that by offering clock restoration and clock refinishing services in the Milwaukee, WI area. From small antique clocks to much larger grandfather clocks, we transform the appearance of any clock you own. We’ll treat your clock with the love and respect it deserves when you trust us to provide you with our antique clock and grandfather clock restoration services.

Antique Grandfather Clock & Wall Clock Services in Milwaukee WI

It takes a lot of experience and expertise to repair and restore grandfather clocks. Gruhr Ltd. has been doing it for people since 1986. We know grandfather clocks inside and out, which allows us to deliver superior grandfather clock repair and restoration services. At the same time, we take the same approach to antique wall clocks and all of the other clocks we service. We can look at any clock you want, tell you how much it’ll cost to repair or restore, and extend the very best clock repair and restoration services in Milwaukee to you.

If you have an antique clock that’s in desperate need of clock repair or a grandfather clock that could really benefit from grandfather clock restoration, give Gruhr Ltd. a call and find out how we can help. Contact us at 262-375-3171 to get started.