Antique Clock Repairs

Some antique clocks you simply cannot find anywhere else. The same can be said about the quality and expertise of the service offered at Gruhr Ltd Clock Restoration & Repair. Contact the shop today for a FREE estimate on your repairs.

Repair for your antique Grandfather clock

The grandfather clock in your living room may be older than your home, and chances are it hasn’t moved from the place that you’ve first set it down. Grandfather clocks are not only heavy, but also very fragile, which is why Gruhr Ltd Clock Restoration & Repair offers safe and convenient transportation for your heavier timekeepers.

We repair:

  • Floor clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Mantel clocks
  • Grandfather clocks

Trust in experience for your clocks

When you need delicate repairs for irreplaceable heirloom or antique clocks, don’t hesitate to call TImothy Grabenhofer to repair your precious keepsake and make it last for years to come.